The best of Corfu

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The best of Corfu

10. Hotels

Accommodation in Corfu is of the highest quality, and most of the tourists could verify this fact as absolute true. As a result of the not stop growing interest of the island from tourists, the resorts of Corfu are raising their standards every year. Moreover as more and more hotels are located next to the beaches, Corfu accommodations are the most attractive of Greece.


9. Family friendly island 

Many popular magazine like The guardian or The telegraph has tagged Corfu as  one of the most family friendly island of Greece. They offer many family friendly attractions like water parks, tours with boat with glass bottom and more. Moreover the island enjoys great popularity of water sports such as the crazy speedboat, diving, fishing safari or sailing on the amazing Ionian sea .Kids don’t get bored in this island , as they can find activities that best suit themselves.


8. Historical places

Kerkyra is rich in history. In the history of the island many invaders occupied Corfu. As a result we have opportunity to visit many unusual building. Corfu don’t looks like as usual Greek island, but looks more like a Venetian city. .On the centre of the city is located The “Old Fortress”, an amazing Castle build by  Venetian in  1577-1578. Also in the city of Corfu we can admire one of the most luxury palace of Greece called the Royal palace, which was built by British in 1814-24 . Another very important historic building of Corfu is The Achilleion Palace, a small summer palace build by the by Empress of Austria Elisabeth. More of interesting historical building you can read in our blog in category history.


7. Beauty of Nature.

One of the reasons that the tourists visit the island is its wonderful world of nature. Here you can find unusual species of trees and flowers. Tourists have the opportunity to admire the Chinese Kumquat which grows only in Corfu, at least in the European continent. Corfu is a home of many unique orchids like  Ophrys carmeli ssp attica or Ophrys bertolonii.


6. Romantic places

Many couples choose Corfu for their honeymoon. Walk in the moonlight, tours with small boat or diner in romantic tavern next on the beach are the dream of every bride. Corfu is full of romantic places like the balcony of Achilleion Palace, small island in the shape of mouse called Mouse Island or a walk at the romantic calm Avlaki beach located in the north part of Corfu .


5. Museums

If you are fan of culture and you looking for interesting collections to see in Corfu don’t miss the opportunity to visit the most important and interesting museums of the Ionian islands . Are  you interested of history, nature or culture? You can find something interesting for yourself. The most popular museums are the archaeological Museum of Corfu, The Sea Shell Museum of Corfu, or Casa Parlante museum.


4. Nighlife

If you are a young person and you are looking for crazy nightlife you can spend a great time in one of the Corfu clubs .The most popular party take places on the beaches , the most famous of them are located on Palaiokastritsa, Glyfada, Benitses, Dasia, Goybia, Ipsos .Unforgettable moments  under the palms trees on the  beautiful beach is guaranteed .


3. Climate

Corfu enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate. In the island the warm days start at April (temperature about 20 degrees ) and temperature increases from day to day . The warmest months of the year are July and August .The temperature exceeds 40 degrees. . But the high humidity makes that you don’t feel so highs temperature. The temperature of the water ranges from 20 -35 for April to October .


 2.Food and drink

Anyone who has spent his holidays in Greece knows that Greek cuisine is one of the best cuisines of the world. Due to the hot climate Greek dishes are light and rich of vitamins. The Greek table is dominated by fish, seafood, salads with fresh vegetables like the famous Greek salad and feta cheese in any form. Feta cheese with tomatoes or feta cheese in the honey with sesame is delicious dish too. Drinks which reign in the Greek table is red and white wine, cold coffee frappe, ouzo and raki .


1. Beaches 

Corfu is the record-holder in terms of amount of beaches. The island has the impressive number of 119 beautiful beaches. Many beaches on the island possess a mark called Blue Flag, which is awarded to only the most cleanest beaches of the world .The island beaches are very varied, sandy or rocky .Considered as the most beautiful beaches on the island are Palaiokastritsa Nissaki, Kouloura and Agios Gordios and Avlaki.



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