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Corfu Travel

Corfu Travel

Corfu is an Ionian Island located between mainland Greece and Italy. It is situated on the west coast of Greece, near Albania on the east and Italy on the west, and is considered to be one of its greenest and most beautiful islands. It covers an area of 634 square kilometres and has a population of around 115,000. 

Due to its central position in Ionian Sea, at the entrance of Adriatic Sea, Corfu is a vital centre with regard to commercial, strategic and military interests. The climate is mild with a lot of rainfall in winter and the temperatures are neither very low in winter nor very high in summer. Sometimes there are some heat waves as in the rest of Greece but the sea breeze and the sea water counteract the negative effects. 
It is a very nice island to visit and especially popular with British tourists. Corfu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. It combines a variety of beaches, archaeological sites and sport activities that cater to both families and adventurous travelers. Corfu combines natural beauty with ample tourist facilities that cater to every taste. 

Seaside resorts are crowded during the summer months, so booking in advance is wise. In winter the countryside is ideal for a variety of activities such as horse riding or hiking, while the great number of taverns all over the island offers visitors traditional Greek dishes and local specialties. Seafood is very popular in Corfu and you can get fresh fish in most places.

The beaches are free to visit but if you wish to have a sun bed you pay a small fee per day. 


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For divers there are several diving schools on beaches where you can learn scuba diving. Also, on some beaches you can learn water skiing, enjoy banana rides and so on.

Horseback riding on the island gives you the unique opportunity to experience another aspect of the Corfiot countryside. There are several centres both for beginners and more advanced riders. Another popular activity is walking in off-beaten tracks all over the island, since most of the countryside remains untouched by tourism and development. The visitor can get books with relevant information from bookstores to find walks in and out of town. In town the most popular walks are those in the traditional alley ways of the old town or to historical monuments around the town.

Cricket in Esplanade is a very popular sport that dates back to the 19th century. Several matches between local and foreign take place every year. Tennis is also a local sport that attracts a lot of people both local and visitors. The oldest court is situated in Corfu town near the Archaeological museum.

Sights to visit in the town of Corfu include Saint Spyridon Church, the Old castle, the New Castle, Pondikonisi, the Archaeoligical Museum, the Museum of Asian Art and the Bank Note Museum. Sights to visit at the outskirts include Acheilion Palace, Benitses Sea Museum, Palaiokastritsa Monastery, Kassiopi temple and traditional villages such as Varipatades, Korakiana or Lefkimi.

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    Corfu Region
    Mini Markets and Shopping. The nearest super market is a 10-15 minute walk towards Kassiopi. Just follow the road to Kassiopi, turning right at the main gates of the property.Kassiopi has a variety of gift shops, clothes shops and shoes.
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    Corfu Travel
    Corfu is an Ionian Island located between mainland Greece and Italy. It is situated on the west coast of Greece, near Albania on the east and Italy on the west, and is considered to be one of its greenest and most beautiful islands.
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    Corfu Island
    Whilst some areas of Corfu have been developed for mass tourism since the 1960’s, much of the island remains untouched, boasting uninhabited olive groves, picturesque landscapes, and some of the best beaches in the Ionian.
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    Corfu History
    The history of Corfu is said to begin somewhere between 70.000 – 40.000 B.C. dating back to the Paleolithic Age. The first inhabitants of Corfu were Liburnians (of Illyrian decent) a seafaring race who held influence over the Dalmatian and Ionian Seas.