The best hotel for family vacation

Holidaying with your kids is the highlight of the year, this is time to relax and to reconnect with your family, we forget all the troubles . We are just with our family , and we don’t want to think nothing more . So choosing  a kid-friendly hotel is important.

In vacation time kids get bored more than other days, so is very important the hotel to provide them with  activities that they like.

The hotel should  provide the facilities for children like a playground with a slider and a swing or place where the child’s can plays game like table tennis and more.

Also is important that the hotel have swimming pool  for children as it is essential for their hygiene and safety, especially for little kids. Also a  green garden in a good to have.

Very important is the location of the hotel . Located in a small village far for center is the best for relaxing and gives our children the opportunity to commune with nature.

Is good that near of the hotel are another attractions such a beach with crystal water, not  too deep  or a harbor where you can rent e boat. A long trip  for shopping with children  is exhausting so it`s better shops and taverns to be near of the hotel .

 In the end is the best that you have everything in you needs within arm’s reach.

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