Corfu amazing flowers and butterflies

Corfu is a green island where you can find many unusual wild flowers such as orchids and also more than a few amazing creatures. If you are fan of nature and you plan to visit Corfu island we have some propositions for you.

Ophrys bertolonii

These marvelous orchids you can find on  sunny meadows all across the island. This flower has a length 30-45 cm and its petals has black color inside and pink color outside.

Ophrys carmeli ssp attica

This beautiful flower resembles laughing faces of colored insects . The flower has long green leaves and deep red flowers. You can find Ophrys carmeli In full bloom in autumn.

Where are the flowers there are also butterflies, and in Corfu island you can find many wonderful butterflies .

Scarce Swallowtail

This is unusual beautiful butterfly have black and white colors and its wingspan is approx. 70mm to 80mm . It appears to glide similar to a paper airplane.


It is a yellow butterfly with distinctive red dots and wingspan is up to 60mm.You can find it usually in spring.

Convolvulus Hawkmoth

This butterfly is confusingly similar to a hummingbird .Most often you can see it at dusk on flowers . It is a gray butterfly with pink stripes on the belly and with a long trombone.

Convolvulus-Hawkmoth Ophrys-bertoloni Brimstone OtakScarce-Swallowtail Ophrys-carmeli-ssp-attica

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