Corfu Hotel Bella Mare presents the best local drinks.

Corfu Hotel Bella Mare presents the best local drinks.

Coffee frape ,  is a cold cafe with foam and ice and it comes to many flavors, sweet, black or white . This cafe is the best for hot summer days. 

Greek coffee is a hot coffee brewed in a small special vassal, best comes black or with little sweets. 

Greek beers , if you are beers fan you must to try Mythos ,Fix  or Alfa  beers. These are good Greek beers with a long tradition .Our recommendation is black fix beer . 

Sweet Moscato wine is a delicious wine made in Corfu  in Strinilas area.  This delicious red wine is preferably to be accompanied with dessert .  

Red, rose , or white wine . If you are in tavern you must to try one of these wines. This local wine are often made in home or little vineyards  .  Dry or semisweet are best served with Greek dishes. 

Uzo , Greek aniseed vodka 40 %, it is  preferable to be consumed with sea food on the beach . In the night you can drink this alcohol with orange juice or coca-cola . 

Raki , this strong liquor , is very popular in Corfu and Crete and it is often served with honey or herbs . Beware not to  drink raki on a hot day. 

Metaxa ,a very famous Greek cognac , well known globally.  It is beeter to be server without mixing it with coca cola other liquor. It is also not recommended to be consumed in very hot days . 

Retsina – matured in pine barrels allowing the resin to seep into the wine, giving it its unusual flavor. A great accompaniment to a light lunch. 




Iced-Coffee-Frappe wine




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