The best attractions in Corfu

Corfu is an islandwith a lot of attractions, If you choose a Corfu hotel for your summer vacations you will not be disappointed and you will not get bored at any moment. Mind you that you will need a lot of time to explore these amazing places.

1.Achillion Palace

Achillion Palace is located in the picturesque village of Gastouri, ten kilometers to the south of the city of Corfu . This beautiful palace was built by Empress of Austria Elisabeth in 1890.
About Achillon Palace we wrote in article “The most romantic places in Corfu “that “this place is really romantic and extremely beautiful. Also this Palace is one of the most important buildings in Corfu, and every tourist who visits Corfu can’t miss this place.”


2 Angelokastro Castle
Angelokastro means Angel Castle and is one of the most important Byzantine castles of Greece.  This majestic castle was built in 13th century in close proximity to Krini . Angelokastro is located on the slope of mountain, in the northwest part of the island. The castle   was built to shield the inhabitants from pirate attacks.'


3.Paleokastritsa beach
Paleokastritsa beach is located 23 km north west of city centre , and is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Corfu . This is big sandy beach characterized by blue crystal water. Also is a good place for water sport and for diving.


Aqualand is located in the middle part in the island near Agios Ioannis village . The Corfu Aqualan dit is  considered as the most amazing water park in Europe.  There  have opportunity to enjoy a lot of amazing attractions like multiplied, the black hole, the crazy river, the lazy river, the free fall, the kamikazes, the deep blue kayak, the family rafting and more.


5. Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum of Corfu is the most important museum of the Ionian Islands .The museum building is located in Vraila Armeni street, close to the bay of Garitsa. The most important exhibit of the museum is the impressive Gorgona-Medusa but the collection includes more interesting specimen like bronze and marble statues, ancient coins, funeral offerings clay pottery, golden jewelry and parts of ancient temples.


6. Kanoni and Mouse Island
Kanoni and Mouse island in located 5 km from Corfu town. This picturesque small island is the most well known and photographed spot of Corfu. On the heart of the island is located a the tiny 13th century church of Pantokrator.


 7. Kassiopi Tower
The Kassiopi Tower is an amazing Byzantine castle located on the northern part of the island, in Kassiopi village .This fortress was built in the mid-12th century and its objective was to protect the residents of the city from the attacks for the invaders. The Kassiopi Castle is situated on the hill from where we can admire its very beautiful view on the Kassiopi harbor.


8. Spianada Square
This beautiful square is located in the centre of the Corfu town next to the Old Fortress and is probably the largest square of the Balkans.  Spianada is characterized by its beautiful plants, historical monuments, also is the place where you can find the most trendy cafeterias and restaurant of Corfu.


9. Saint Spyridon church
Saint Spyridon is located in the old town of Corfu, and the bell of the church tower is the highest spot of the town. Saint Spyridon was built in 1950 and The architecture of the church is typical of the Venetian architecture. Residents of the island believe that this church It is the guardian of the island .


10. The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace, or Palace of St. Michael & George is one of the most luxury palace of Greece . This Palace is located  between the old town of Corfu and the Venetian citadel. The Royal Palace was built by British ,between 1814-24. These  days  the main building accommodates the Museum of Asian Art, the Municipal Art gallery, the 5th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, as well as the Municipal art café in its garden .


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