The best souvenirs of Corfu.

Bella Mare hotel best shopping ideas recommendations:

If you visit a place for the first time, you want to buy something special , something to remind you the great time you had, a souvenir.

So let`s find out  what interesting things you can find in Corfu.

One of the best product you can buy is  olive. Corfu is an island with about 3,5 millions of olive trees and its olive oil is very tasty and has a rich flavor. It is also good  for your health and you can buy this products in good price .

Also very popular are figurines, decanters or dishes that are made out of olive trees wood , Such  folk crafts you can acquire everywhere in the island and are highly praised and popular.

Alcohol is another good option, especially  ouzo, raki  or  grappa , which are only produced in Greece.  All over the island you can see grapes from which wine is made. Red or white, Corfu wine is excellent and  we heartily recommend it.

In Corfu spoon sweets‏  are very famous. They are the candied fruit as dates, oranges, figs, peaches. These tasty sweets can be purchased in jars or bottle at picturesque stalls and shops in island.

At almost in every square or at a beach boardwalk you can find painters painting beautiful views of island or monuments of the island. These paintings can decorate your house. They are also  a good idea for a present.

In all island you can see women at work as they make lace tablemats and embroidered tablecloths. Corfu is also famous for its handmade lace and embroidered cotton and there is lots of choice at local shops.

We must not forget the souvenirs from the museum in Corfu. There are a lot of famous museums such as the Byzantine Museum that offer many  original souvenirs like statues of Greek gods, dishes, decanters.

Corfu is a beautiful island and if you just carefully look around I am sure that you will find the best gift for yourself.





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