best greek food in Corfu

Delicious cutlets with zucchini feta and herbs.

2.Feta psiti
Feta with tomatoes and peppers, stewed in olive oil and with a bit of vinegar , sometimes sprinkled with oregano.

3.Paputsakia (eggplants shoes)
Lovely food, a bit troublesome. These meals is a halves of eggplants filled with minced meat and and bechamel sauce.

4. Octopus with pasta (ohtapodi me kofto makaronaki )
My lovely dish, This is a octopus in tomato sauce with pasta in the shape of small tubes.

5.Greek salads.
Very famous, This dish is fresh salads which include, tomato cucumber onion olives, at the top is a large piece of feta with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano.

6. Giemista
Peppers and tomatoes with stuffing, which includes reams of minced meat and herbs , all topped with tomato sauce and served with roasted potatoes.

7. Octopus in vinegar.
Soft pieces of octopus in vinegar with oregano.

Delicious food, served in one piece looks like a piece of cake , which includes eggplants , potatoes , minced meat , and bechamel sauce whit parmesan.

The most famous sweet in Greece, this is a sweet pastry made of layers filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with a lot of syrup or honey , very sweet cake .

10. Greek Spoon Sweets‏ (gliko koutaliu in greek)

Known and loved by all, this are sweet preserves made from fruits such as dates, oranges, figs, peaches and other fresh, , In Greece are served as a gesture of hospitality with café or wine .

You can find these dishes near the Bella mare hotel at Kassiopi or all over the island of Corfu

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